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The indefatigable and wise beyond her years Faina Savenkova writes again of the travails of children like her in Donbass. A must read.

For three years now I have been telling you about what is happening in Lugansk. About the war in which I live, about sorrows and joys. A year ago, the Peacemaker website published my personal data. I have written many letters to world leaders and artists in Western countries. I had only two requests: to delete the personal data of all the children from the “Peacemaker” and to help the children of Donbass to find a peaceful life so that we would not be killed. When the confrontation with the “Peacemaker” began, my friends – Ukrainian journalists asked me why I did not write a letter to Zelensky, but only mentioned him in an interview. At that time it was difficult for me to answer; I still naively believed that there could be peace between Ukraine and Donbass and that UN Secretary-General Guterres and UNICEF, as world-renowned organizations, would help me. But, unfortunately, I was wrong. Everything I asked for was ignored by these organizations, and Ukraine decided that we could be captured by force. My efforts and dreams have remained dreams. The only thing I’m glad about is that I didn’t write to Zelensky at that time. And now I understand why: you can’t write and ask not to kill children to someone who gives orders to shell Donetsk, Gorlovka, Alchevsk and other cities. You cannot write to a president who sends thousands of his soldiers to their deaths without sparing them, gives orders for terrorist acts and the murder of children. You can’t write to the president who started this massacre and lost half of his country. You can’t write to a loser. Every day children die in the Donbas, Kherson and Zaporozhye. And he has only himself to blame. A president who will lose everything…

Idiot Americans and Euros would do well to heed her warning: “Unfortunately, all those who help Ukraine do not realize that the war is coming to them.” I hope that Faina understands that most Americans do not hate her or her people – hate requires a modicum of thought. Insouciant Americans do not think about much of anything – and, no, most won’t realize war is upon them until or unless their own house is bombed – though they will all too often go along with whatever evil their masters dictate must be. This will come to an end, hopefully sooner than later.

For most of this year, I’ve done what little I could to ring the fire bell about the “Peacekeepers,” a group I’d not heard of before even though their hit list website proudly proclaims their Ukranazi outfit operates from, you guessed it, “Langley, VA, USA.” I would love, in another life as Secretary of State of the CSA, to declare the Myrotvorets a terrorist organization, they and their damned, wicked, stupid supporters. As-is, let’s rest assured they are on someone else’s list, and not just Russia’s. In the end, as brave Faina writes in closing, “the truth will win anyway.”