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Yes, Queen Elizabeth’s death, like her reign, sheds light on the horrific state of GB, the UK, and the English People.

No sooner had the long-anticipated news broken — Queen Elizabeth II was dead — than Britain activated Operation London Bridge, the painstakingly choreographed funeral plan that guides the country through the rituals of tribute and mourning that culminate with her burial 10 days later.

But the plan, with its metronomic precision, masks something far messier: a rupture to the national psyche. The queen’s death last week, at 96, is a genuinely traumatic event, leaving many in this stoic country anxious and unmoored. As they come to terms with the loss of a figure who embodied Britain, they are unsure of their nation’s identity, its economic and social well-being, or even its role in the world.

The reason their unsure about their national identity is that their national identity has been collapsing for the last 70 years. The population of England was, as one might have expected, 99.7% White English when QE2 took the throne. Today it’s closer to 80%. White English People are a slight minority in their own Capital, London. This will sadly be the legacy of England’s arguable worst monarch ever.

It’s time for emergency action, the same state America was in 40 years ago (in American, no action was ever taken). If KC3, William, or someone else won’t act, then the men of England must. If they don’t, sooner or later they will cease to exist.