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Read this report on the continuing evil of what was Walt’s company. If you stupidly continue to support evil because “the wife and kids love it!” then you will get what you deserve.

Vox’s summary take:

Perhaps you thought I was exaggerating when I began describing Disney as the Devil Mouse. I wasn’t, and the mask continues to come off. So don’t support those who hate you, and especially don’t support those who hate Jesus Christ, America, and Western Civilization.

If you’re not subscribing to UATV and/or Arktoons yet, this should suffice to explain why doing so is quite literally a cultural imperative.

UPDATE: “Laura and her daughter Chrissy are Jewish, something the writers plan to flesh out more in the first season. “We did make Laura Jewish for a reason,” says Fowler.”

Indeed. They could hardly be Christian, now, could they?

It’s dead. Turn it off. Ditch the devil mouse.