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US foreign policy and CIA adventurism have descended to the level of an early 1980’s after-school cartoon. Just like the toons, it’s all fake and scripted. It’s still dangerous, but the believability has simply departed. I tend to trust the Taliban’s version of the alleged murder of a former CIA informant/henchman. We’ll get as much proof of al-Zawahiri’s death as we did of Bin Laden’s (his second death, in 2011). I also wonder if these new-fangled Katana bombs scream “Hiiiiii-Yaw!” as they swope in for the (fake) kill.

On a somewhat-related note: if you’re tired of #StandingWithJewishHitler and want to swap out the Ukrainian flag emoji, here are some alternatives, little oppressed underdogs fighting for whatever the Empire says is important:

Kosovo’s flag;

Taiwan’s flag;

The ISIS flag;

Goldman Sachs’s flag;

Israel’s flag;

Saudi Arabia’s flag;

The “Gay” Pride flag Stars & Stripes;

The “Nazi” Pride flag EU flag.

Your TeeVee will tell you pretty little lies as necessary. Do your part.

Also: Unfortunately, San Fran Gran Nan is now polluting Taipei. One wonders what China’s “targeted military actions” will look like.