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What is interesting is that a boring leftie like Oats is pointing this out. The replies are the predictable dishonest bullshit gaslighting. The usual, “This is not happening, but if it is it’s a good thing because white men suck.” If you have any doubt that racist hatred towards young white males exists spend a few minutes looking through the replies.

Out of curiosity I ducked into Barnes & Noble today and took a look at the New Releases. A quick scan makes it clear that 85% or more of the newly released hardcover novels are written by women and looking at the shelves I couldn’t find one novel written by a young male author. I took a few pictures.

But this isn’t happening according to literary agents on Twitter.

So, let’s be honest. If you are a young white guy you are not welcome in any mainstream professional artistic community, least of all literary publishing. Not that the literary publishing world is welcoming to non-white masculine men either. Kyle Connor from Orange County isn’t being replaced by DeAndre Jones from Compton. Both are tossed in the waste bin in favor of wine aunt fiction and the occasional upper-class immigrant oppression story.

It’s not “over,” as the author suggests. Rather, it means either self publishing or routing through one of many smaller, independent houses. There’s also the need to stop supporting the Bigs that hate you.