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Poor Brandon, observably stricken with some form of dementia and who by his own admission has cancer, now also has the dreaded hoax.

US President [SIC] Joe Biden has tested positive for Covid-19 and is working remotely from the White House. Biden, who has received a total of four vaccine doses, is taking antiviral medication.

The president [SIC] tested positive for the disease on Thursday morning, White House Press Secretary [SIC] Karine Jean-Pierre announced, adding that he is “experiencing very mild symptoms.”

Jean-Pierre noted that Biden is “fully vaccinated and twice boosted,”

If only he had been fully vaccinated and twice boosted. If only…

It’s like when the rat war criminal Fauci contracted his own bioweapon in defiance of his other bioweapon. Irony or something. You likely know some normie or another who just contracted the hoax despite (because?) being fully poisoned and boosted. I do – saw one last night. I did my grieving for these dupes some time ago. Still, I feel bad for their situations. I feel worse that they probably will never be able to understand what was done to them and how they were tricked into participating in their own slavery and immiseration.

A related note for any retards finally waking up (if that’s possible): the MSM has been lying relentlessly that Vladimir Putin has cancer. On the same day that Brandon babbled that HE had or has cancer (caused by windshield wipers???), the fake CIA director W. Burns clarified that Putin is not sick and, in fact, is too healthy for the comfort of the NWO satanists. This is called projection. It goes hand-in-hand with the lies our enemies spin. It’s all they have. The fact that so many people keep believing anything these wicked degenerates say is proof that most people are mentally-retarded, possessed by evil spirits, or mentally-ill. Many of them just can’t help it. Those who can need to do so – and now.