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This piece from the CIA MSM is instructive as to how the CIA MSM constantly and only lies and distorts so as to control Americans’ perception of reality. It’s a hit piece, a sloppy one, on Christian Nationalism. It is, of course, written by people beholden to the prince of this world. The bias shows as they resort to equating CN with extremism and Nazism. That is mere projection from literal extremist Nazis. They also cite a short list of people I’ve never heard of before (the good and honest Andrew Torba aside) who are very likely civic nationalists at best, and globohomo plants at worst.

White Replacement Theory, in the USSA, is not a theory, nor a “notion” as they call it. It is, as Torba says, demonstrable and undeniable. The powers behind the CIA MSM do not deny it, as it is official USSA government policy and has been since 1965. They call it “diffusion” and they preached about it proudly last fall when they, in most gloating fashion, unveiled the 2020 Census results.

I’ve seen several of these kinds of BS articles floating around lately. And that is a good thing! They are afraid. As they should be. Christ is risen and the Nations are rising!

UPDATE: And THIS one. The CIA MSM reports lies and outdated infantile nonsense as if their audience is a bunch of retarded kindergarteners. Anyone with half a brain and Goo-gulz could easily find what Putin said the other day, what China’s stance has been, and the rest. Then again, a read through the comments indicates that the CIA MSM does, in fact, know its audience.