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…by a rooftop gunman, then just wait until it’s M-84s instead of 9 or 5.56mm.

I tried to look at some pictures from Highland Park, but I couldn’t get by all the Imperial Yankee, Ukra-Nazi, and sodomy flags (although they do go well together, I suppose). Also, the march in Boston was OBVIOUSLY the FBI. What is it, Amerika? Fag flag or false flag? Damn.

Anyway, all of this excitement is the perfect intro to or foreshadowing for my exciting PPN episode today. LISTEN HERE!

This, all of this, is why I no longer attend public functions and gatherings, and why I strongly encourage people to GET OUT OF THE CITIES!

HP UPDATE: Awake the Rapper?? KIA? Toy Soldier? If they have the right suspect, this is ridiculously strange.