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The fact is that the Age of Empires is over. 1917 signalled the beginning of this. In 1991 the Red Star (USSR) Empire collapsed. Today the White Star (USSA) Empire, with its Twelve-Star EU (USSE) vassal Empire in tow, is collapsing, and for exactly the same reason: because nobody believes in their ideologies any more. Both Communism and Capitalism have failed. Now is the Age of Free Alliances of Sovereign Nations. What is the future of Europe after its third failed attempt at suicide? It is in reintegrating the Sovereignty of Eurasia, protected by the Russian resource umbrella. The Atlantic never united Europe, it divided Europe. If those who live across the Atlantic want to rediscover from us how to start living normal lives again, they can. But it will be on our terms, those of our Sovereignty, not on theirs.

And, in re CAN and the USSA:

The wordspellers seem to imagine that as long as they don’t actually say the magic word – war – and as long as they call their soldiers things like “commandos” and “special forces operators” and “advisers” and “intelligence agents”, they can pretend they don’t actually have “soldiers” engaging in hostilities against the Russian forces.

But war is not rhetoric. Russia is now perfectly entitled to start firing hypersonic missiles at Canada and the USA, and doing to Toronto and Washington DC what they’ve already done to Lysychansk.

Capitalism and communism, aside, WW3 is about Nationalism v Globalism. May that end as quickly as possible and with the defeat of globalism.