The US Supreme Court is on a roll of American, Christian proportion. It’s kind of amazing to witness, but it shouldn’t come as such a surprise. Lately, they’ve handed Americans victories with guns, infanticide, and even the “wrong” kind of kneeling on the football field. Go ahead and yell, “hoorah!” But, why?

I think this is the Catholic Court’s Hail Mary against the impending collapse. As the writing is on the wall and the wall is falling down, previously tepid justices see no reason not to side with God and Country. After the coming events, Americans will still have the former, so why not be on His good side?

Let’s take what we can get. And they still have time to keep hitting. Fake sodomy marriage and more may very well be on the chopping block. The damage to the nation is done, but why not ease the suffering as we prepare to transition to the uncertain future? I’m quite happy with it all. Go, civilization!