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Following Israel’s unjustifiable attacks on Palestine, Syria, and Iran, the UK has placed harsh sanctions on the head of the Rabbinate in Jerusalem.

Kidding! Calm down, John Hagee.

No, it was Russia. Always, always hating on Russia.

The British authorities put Patriarch Kirill on the sanctions list for supporting the Russian special operation in Ukraine. The restrictions also included the Commissioner for Children’s Rights Maria Lvova-Belova, representatives of the administration of the Kherson region, the Russian military and Moscow City Duma deputy Sergei Savostyanov.

As Christianity is the most important of the three pillars of Western Civilization, any civilization that is anti-Christian is not Western. In the case of the dying UK, it will not long remain civilized.

God Bless Kirill, Russia, and all enemies of satan. Pray for the deliverance of the English People.