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The Irish are amazing people. They fought like hell to free themselves from English civilization tyranny, and then in only a few short years, they started murdering babies, elected a foreign sodomite as PM, and began importing hordes of incompatible primitives – because DIEversity(!), etc. Only now, that the imports might be really hot 22-year-old blonde Uki babes, do the leprechauns and their evil handlers see a possible problem.

The arrival of tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees in Ireland risks undermining “social cohesion and integration” in the country, a secret memo to the government has reportedly predicted.

According to an article published by the Irish Independent on Saturday, government ministers were told that the current level of Ireland’s humanitarian response to the conflict in Ukraine could become unsustainable in the coming weeks. The memo reportedly stressed that there was a risk that the newcomers would be left without accommodation, education, income support or employment in Ireland.

Particularly dangerous was the situation in “deprived communities” where the arrival of Ukrainian refugees could undermine “social cohesion and integration.”

This memo must be the most “racist” thing ever written. We are reliably informed that migrant invaders of any stripe add to the precious GDP and build strength that natives are simply incapable of delivering (despite the fact they’ve been doing so for centuries). The female 9s and 10s will loot the local saps quickly and move on to OnlyFans accounts. Taxes will go up in order to pay for the welfare boon – ask your lispy Binder. The 404 child invaders will grow up to make the British look tame, drinking all the booze and setting up Bandera Youth organizations. Me lucky charms turn to rotten potatoes.