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An excellent article appeared at the Saker’s site. READ the whole thing.

After freeing Ukraine from globohomo, driving the USSA off the Continent, and ending the evil EU, the wonders may continue:

5. Russian Values to Reshape Western Europe

The EU, founded immediately the SU (Soviet Union) had collapsed, was from the outset an artificial construct, built on the rejection of patriotism in favour of a non-existent supranational European identity. Patriotism is an existential threat to Brussels. This is partly why as long ago as Common Market days De Gaulle, who had wanted a confederation of homelands, was overthrown in the US regime change in 1968. Then in 2016 patriots voted for Brexit against the Establishment elite and the Democrat President Obama. The EU was always about the rejection of national identities in favour of post-Christian, indeed anti-Christian, anti-national and anti-family values, mass immigration of paid slaves, the imposition of the LGBT agenda, the restriction of freedoms for anti-EU views etc. These are not Russian values.

Conclusion: Global Denazification

Note: “Denazification,” at least in this sense, might not mean what you think it does. In fact, much or most of what we’ve been taught about many, many things is either misconstrued, half obscured, or utterly wrong. We in Amerika will probably have it the hardest as we are the most deracinated and deluded, and are trapped with the most evil-doers who have the greatest power and influence. Hopefully in time, we will be able to rejoin the free and civilized world.

Go, Russia, go! Z!