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“Your” government at its worst.

The US and their allies have thoroughly undermined the essence of the concept of the nation-state order. The modern idea of a nation-state was ascertained by the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648. This idea is based on territoriality and the exclusion of external actors from domestic authority structures. US/NATO are known for funding and arming rebel groups to destabilise unfriendly countries. This is a prime example of using non-state actors to undermine a nation-state. The US trained and used the Mujahideen who evolved into Al-Qaeda terrorists. Similarly, the same way the US along with NATO armed ‘moderate freedom fighting rebels’, who evolved into ISIS extremists. The west uses NGO’s and aid organisations to sow dissatisfaction among a target population. Two examples of such NGO’s are, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the Open Society Foundation. The created dissatisfaction then results in political instability, so as to usher in regime change. Colour revolutions are used at most times to sway an election or overthrow a government. These actions undermine nation-statehood derived from the Treaty of Westphalia.

Read the whole thing. All of it. The empire of lies and death is utterly satanic. The people who support any part of it are either evil themselves and/or mentally retarded. Globalism delenda est.