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One has to wonder if the Satanic States of Not-America will rescue these wanted Nazi war criminals the way it did the previous batch.

Ukrainian neo-Nazi battalion fighters and their foreign legion allies have been accused of extreme violence and sadism against Russian troops and prisoners of war (POWs), with a series of gruesome videos circulating online showing cruel treatment, torture and murder of captured personnel.

The Russian Investivative Committee has evidence that two commanders of Ukraine’s Azov Regiment were directly involved in severe crimes against at least eight Russian servicemen, the agency announced Thursday in a press statement.

Azov commanders Sergei Velichko and Konstantin Nemichev are accused of violence to life and person against the Russian servicemen by inflicting multiple bodily injuries on them, including with the use of firearms, in Ukraine’s Kharkov region. Velichko and Nemichev have been charged in absentia under Article 317 of the Russian Criminal Code (‘Encroachment on the life of an officer of a law enforcement officer or serviceman’), with measures underway to find and arrest them.

The Russian Investigative Committee has opened a total of 146 criminal cases against representatives of the Ukrainian military since February. Over 3,000 criminal cases of alleged crimes against civilians by the Ukrainian military are being processed separately by the Donetsk People’s Republic’s Prosecutor’s Office. DPR prosecutors have been collecting evidence on artillery shelling, mortar, sniper and sabotage attacks against the region and its population since 2014.

Once these tribunals are concluded, it would be nice if the Russians would leave the courts open so that other criminals, of the WereWestern sort, might be tried, convicted, and hanged.