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Russia prepares to limit the entry into Russia of citizens from various WereWestern countries.

Addressing members of the ruling United Russia party, on Monday, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that a presidential decree “on retaliatory visa measures in connection with the ‘unfriendly’ actions of a number of foreign states” was being drafted.

“This act will introduce a number of restrictions on entry into the territory of Russia,” Lavrov said.

That’s perfectly understandable and a measure any sane nation should take to preserve its autonomy. But, there’s another angle. I wrote GET OUT! two years ago to help the right young Americans escape our present and devolving circumstances. This move, which limits one escape route, is a consequence of the idiocy and weakness that destroyed the US. Older, wicked, stupid generations have wrecked yet another option for the young. A consequence of turning the nation and society over to literal satanists. The sins of the father, etc.

Concerning that book, I’m STILL sticking to the recommendations, with the caveat to avoid obvious war zones. Russia will be harder to get into, but the whole EU was difficult to access during the C19 hoax. Hopefully, it’s all temporary. Ukraine, or a part of it, likely the western part, may devolve into something utterly uncivilized and dangerous, a little land of Nazis and lunatics – Banderastan. Time will tell. And, I am a little less than thrilled with how Poland has handled matters of late. They’ve done the opposite of what is wise by running towards the WereWest and not away from it.

Still, outside of Ukraine, the rest of the options are still better than what lies ahead of the USSA, or rather, what we’re getting into NOW. Ukraine provides an opportunity to learn how bad it may very well get. Very well and very soon.