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I just watched Brandon’s stand-up routine and boy, lemme tell ya! They’ve really straightened out his medicine and/or shock therapy. His solution to the neo-satanic Trotskyites’ bitter, ancient hatred of Russia is, as I understand it, calling Putin bad names and cancelling Russia’s international debt. THAT WILL SHOW THEM!

I also learned today that Russia has invaded the territory of a sovereign nation in defiance of something called “international law”. Have you ever heard of such a thing?!

I am so proud that my great and enlightened people elected Brandon as our validly elected president in the most fair and honest and uncontested election in history. Our great national idea and proposition itself has never engaged in aggression against anyone nor invaded the territory of any other country. We have never invaded, attacked, or otherwise engaged in any hostility against anyone. Certainly not against the British Empire. Nor parts of Canada. Nor against Mexico. Nor the Indian Tribes. Nor the CSA. Nor Spain. Nor Cuba. Nor the Philippines. Nor Japan. Nor China. Nor Germany. Nor Italy. Nor coal miners. Nor Korea. Nor Russia. Nor some of these again. And again. Nor Vietnam. Nor Iran. Nor Lebanon. Nor Grenada. Nor Nicaragua. Nor Panama. Haiti. Liberia. Venezuela. Iraq. Kosovo. Afghanistan. Libya. Syria. Yemen. Ukraine. Kazakhstan. Probably some I’ve forgotten. Probably some I don’t know about. COVID. The World. J6 protesters. Maybe some aliens. Etc, etc, etc.

The problem is clear. It’s terrorists white supremacy climate change COVIADS you me Russia! Thanks, Brandon!