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Michael Snyder’s work is, for the most part, great. Sometimes, however, he misses the point. Yes, the USSA is a flaming trainwreck in a sewer dumpster under the wrath of God.

Some brand new numbers that have just been released confirm the fact that the United States is undergoing an extremely dramatic cultural transformation. It can be so easy to focus on our constantly evolving news cycles and the day to day battles between Democrats and Republicans, but when you step back and look at the bigger picture it is undeniable what is happening to this nation. America’s foundational values have radically shifted over time, and that is far more important than any short-term political victories or losses. If these trends continue, America’s future will look completely different from America’s past.

On Thursday, Gallup released a brand new survey which found that an all-time high 7.1 percent of all Americans now identify as LGBT…

Read the whole thing. It’s not “Democrats and Republicans.” It’s not “foundational values.” It’s the ethnoreligious and literal physical and genetic character of the people that changed for the worse. Strict Heritage Americans are now a minority in America. Any and all Americans will be minorities in a few years. This has been the unopposed trend since 1965 and was in the works many decades before that. There’s also the uncomfortable fact of the foreign ruling elite, lording over both Americans and not-Americans in the dead US. An ad popped up in Mike’s article that makes that plain as day:

“free” pin may have certain costs…

As bad as the queers are, they’re but a typical end-of-regime sign of the times, a symptom. The order, again, is and always was: Identity > culture > politics.