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As my readers may know, the empire’s smashing success and victory in the Afghan War was only possible because of the help received from about a billion Afghan helpers. Very, very helpful helpers. For some odd reason, the new native, ultra-nationalist government in Afghanistan views these types as criminals and terrorists to be eliminated on sight. Naturally, importing many of them deep into rural Amerikan towns was the right thing to do. Boy, these stone-age helpers started helping themselves immediately. Even I was amazed that they started committing felonies, mostly sexual against women and children, even while securely in military custody.

They’re doing the same and worse now that they’ve been welcomed into our failed general society.

Read that damned story. Pay attention to the special rules for special rule-breakers, the sheer idiocy of the debased, dying US population, the Biblical curse mayor, and the role of the “Christian” churches and their female “pastors” in facilitating crime, degeneracy, and total cultural collapse, and the complete disregard for the destruction caused by this wicked insanity.

Again, you will not vote your way out of this mess.