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Russia and China steam ahead into the future. Read THE Statement. Make what you will of the mentions of “Covid,” the UN, and the climate fiction. Pay attention to the overwhelming nationalism.

The sides believe that democracy is a means of citizens’ participation in the government of their country with the view to improving the well-being of population and implementing the principle of popular government. Democracy is exercised in all spheres of public life as part of a nation-wide process and reflects the interests of all the people, its will, guarantees its rights, meets its needs and protects its interests. There is no one-size-fits-all template to guide countries in establishing democracy. A nation can choose such forms and methods of implementing democracy that would best suit its particular state, based on its social and political system, its historical background, traditions and unique cultural characteristics. It is only up to the people of the country to decide whether their State is a democratic one.

Results for the people, the nation itself – not for some foreign, lying elite.

The sides support the deepened strategic partnership within BRICS, promote the expanded cooperation in three main areas: politics and security, economy and finance, and humanitarian exchanges.

Goodbye, dollar, and goodbye, SWIFT.

Read the whole thing. Compare it to the idiocy from the dead, fake Western governments, their evil masters, and their whore media. The civilized nations are actively defeating the satanic globalists. What’s left of the West either comes along or gets left behind.