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People from 160 NATIONS!!! all crammed in together do not make a cohesive society. They make the mess that is Miami, “schools” and all.

The school system in Florida’s most populous county includes students whose families moved here from 160 nations.

As part of the “stop-woke” agenda of Gov. Ron DeSantis, R, Florida lawmakers are now considering bills that would allow almost anyone to object to any instruction in public school classrooms. DeSantis wants to give people the right to sue schools and teachers over what they teach based on student “discomfort.” The proposed legislation is far-reaching and could affect even corporate human resources diversity training.

This anti-wokism is almost poetic justice, taking the insanity home to the retards who started it. If this proceeds, they will discover, again, that even if they try to play by the devil’s rules, he’ll just change them and quash any dissent. Wouldn’t it have been far better if the conservatives had had spines and limited America to just being the ONE Nation?

The solution, as always, to this abject stupidity is to homeschool your kids.