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Well, the agents of lucifer have Brandon all hopped up and babbling to Ukraine’s fake prez about the coming seizure of Kyiv or something. And even the (((suspiciously-named))) writers at Carlos Slim’s Blog have belatedly discovered that Putin’s military is now best-in-world class.

Russia’s Military, Once Creaky, Is Modern and Lethal.

Yeah, no shit. They could have just linked to one of my recent columns on the matter. Or Vox Day’s. Or Scott Ritter’s. Or, etc. It’s not a bad start or wouldn’t have been five years ago. They are spot on about the little they mention. But, in spite of that famous “average 115 IQ,” the brain trust missed a few things. They didn’t begin to cover Russia’s borderline sci-fi crop of new weapons, especially the stuff that flies through air and space (very, very, very fast). They left off that Russia, like the rest of the world, has keenly observed the empire’s pitiful failures these past 30 years. They learned from “our” major mistakes. They also failed to observe that Russia’s military is manned by men. Our forces consist of bloated, mentally-ill affirmative action hires, pregnant women, and assorted sexual oddities who fight to make the world safe for Moloch, red high heels, the memory of Harvey Milk and Leo Frank, utter chaos, and globalist blood and profits. Russian men are serious straight White Christian Men who will fight and kill to defend their families, homes, and culture.

This all assumes the Prometheans get the war they’ve been wet dreaming about and which they know they can’t win. Oh well. That what should be shall be.