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Disney waves the final stripe of the devil’s rainbow flag.

Sundance: Disney Focuses Its Searchlight on Horror Cannibalism With Charmer Who Cuts Up Dates and Eats ‘Em.

I’ve been ringing the bell. The VFM have been ringing the bell. Poland’s foreign minister has been ringing the bell. So … you, fat stupid Amerikant, you go right ahead and drop a ton of money in Orlando or Anaheim with evil people who hate you and want to rape, kill, and eat your children. And yes, I expect in another ten years or so, if we still have a country, the Republicucks will be gibbering proudly about how the GOP has always defended the cannibals who are just like us except better: “Our Judeo-satanic democracy has always embraced the values of cannibalism. It’s the right thing to do. What two people do in the privacy of their own kitchen is none of your business. They just want acceptance. Acceptance and maybe your kids.”