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That’s what the courts are ruling.

The insurance company justified the refusal of payment to the family by stating that the use of experimental medication or treatments, including Corona injections, is expressly excluded from the insurance contract. The family’s subsequent lawsuit against the insurance company has been unsuccessful.

The court allegedly justified its ruling as follows: “The side effects of the experimental vaccine are published and the deceased could not claim to have known nothing about it when he voluntarily took the vaccine. There is no law or mandate in France that compelled him to be vaccinated. Hence his death is essentially suicide.” Since suicide is not covered by the policy from the outset, the insurance refuses to budge.

Leave it to the Hoax to make me sympathetic to an insurance company. We’ve, of course, seen or heard the court’s reasoning before.

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I rape the mind and body with the DNA, hey
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I mutilate genetics and I call it good, yeah
Vaccine suicide
Canine-killing freaks, read their fucking lies, yeah
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Less Human Than Human (Vaxx Trax)