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Hey, dumbass. Yeah, you.

It’s not “the liberals” sending satanists to your child’s school.

It’s not the communists, socialists, or Dumbocrats.

It’s not the Russians.

It’s not China.

It’s not Iran.

Satan is sending his wicked followers to corrupt and destroy your children.

An Illinois school district is defending an after-school program being offered by The Satanic Temple, a national religious and human rights group.

Many parents are reportedly furious over the meetings that will be held at Jane Addams Elementary School in Moline. The Satanic Temple does not believe in Satan, according to its website, nor will it attempt to convert children to Satanism.

You can believe them when they say they don’t really believe in satan – they’re the followers of the father of lies, after all. What am I saying? You don’t believe in much yourself. Nor will you do a damned thing to stop this or any other easily-prevented atrocity. And, for you in the majority who don’t live in Illinois, please know that if your child is in any government anti-school, there’s a 99% chance this evil is already present there and already hard at work not believing in satan and not converting.

You’re as weak and faithless as you are stupid. These poor children are the foretold generation suffering for the sins of the fathers.