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The late stupidity in Kazakhstan was only a Zionist attempt to open a second front against Russia. The way Moscow immediately figured that out and has stomped it out preemptively may be instructive about their intentions concerning Ukraine.

Look for more on this on Thursday’s PPN and tomorrow’s (?) column. For now, Scott Ritter offers a realistic analysis of how the NATO-Russia-USSA party may shake out VERY FUCKING SOON.

It is as if both Biden and Blinken are deaf, dumb, and blind when it comes to reading Russia.

Read the whole thing. Biden is not and never has been president and is a senile fool of a puppet not in charge of anything (to include his own bowels). Blinken is an insane devil-worshiping interloper. They are facing off against serious, righteous, and intelligent men who are tired of being attacked. This may turn out to be rather fun watching! And, I could easily see it quickly becoming a three-front affair. Kazakhstan is not one of them and this all assumes civil war does not break out in France (which looks as likely as not). Actually, I can think of a fourth independent front.

That what should be shall be. Time will tell.