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That’s a thing, unlike in the USSA.

Here, the people are lied to about something called “democracy.” They believe the lies and so vote for things like keeping their kids away from pedos. Their votes are then overturned by the satanic courts. This exposes the lies. The people, being at least mildly retarded, fail to notice.

Not so in Hungary! There, following Orban’s hard Christian line, the courts have pre-approved a referendum to ban queers and queer theory from contact with the beloved children. It will pass into law. This has upset the usual suspects. By the way, it’s not necessarily “the left” that wants children molested. Rather, it’s the followers of Maimonides; this is literally part of their dyscivilizational false religion. Next, maybe set up a popular vote to ban them.

Ria! Ria! Hungaria!