He, the Church, and God know it.

Jorge Bergoglio, on the other hand, is a criminal, a usurper, and a fat liar.

The Latin Mass went out of general use after the 1962-1965 Second Vatican Council and was substituted by local languages.

In July, having argued that the Latin Mass was being exploited by anti-reformists to harm the Church’s unity, [fake pope] Francis tightened regulations on when it could be celebrated, overturning decisions by his two predecessors.

Since then some conservatives, including bishops, have openly defied the pope, resulting in the latest chapter of what some have dubbed the Church’s “liturgy wars”.

Faith was not “a suit of armour that encases us; instead, it is a fascinating journey, a constant and restless movement, ever in search of God,” [fake pope] Francis said.

Methinks the pedo-criminal doth protest too much. While there is nothing inherently wrong with a Mass in a local modern language, there is everything right about ancient tradition. The “anti-reformists,” aka the real Christians, are the only segment of the Church experiencing any growth now. It’s almost like people grave the Good, the True, and the Latin. Christ did not come to bring unity, but rather, division. We need all the armor we can get against the forces Bergoglio would unleash.

And, show some respect – ditch the protestant’s pews.