Read Vox’s recent explanation of where the most feared word in the English language came from and why all the fear is ridiculously misplaced.

Next, read about the White idiot judge who resigned after her “racist” remarks which culminated in her apology to the primitive who burglarized her car. If your society reaches the point where crime victims apologize to criminals for words, then your society is over.

The State of New York is over as a civilized society. The evil Heritage Whites have been replaced or driven into hiding. So it is that now the other races, in the absence of the controls of British-American culture and law, run wild against each other in the ruins. To the useless Biblical curse of a governor, this is a “public health emergency.” That it may be. But it’s also a consequence and a lesson never learned.

I’m sure 2022 is the year when all of this is corrected. *yawn*