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Politico: “All the assassination files were supposed to be public in 2017. Donald Trump blocked them; Joe Biden is still holding some out. Why?

Because, as the opinion piece makes relatively clear, the agents of satan who murdered America’s last real president know they will be revealed for what they are and were.

On the surface, this moment — the imminent release of long-secret documents from a JFK assassination library — looks like a victory for transparency. The release, scheduled for Wednesday, revives a decades-old declassification process that stalled in 2017, when President Donald Trump failed to comply with a legal deadline to make the entire library public. The CIA, FBI and other agencies had protested to Trump that the documents revealed national security secrets that, half a century after Kennedy’s murder, were still too sensitive to be public.

But the announcement also contained an admission that should worry anyone who truly believes in transparency. Biden is the first president to come close to acknowledging what cynical conspiracy theorists have long assumed: There are assassination-related documents sealed away at the Archives that might never be made public, or at least not in the lifetime of anyone who remembers where they were when they heard the shocking news from Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.

Kindly ignore the “Q” idiocy. This is the start of yet another admission that the “conspiracy theorists” were right all along. Or, rather, they were more correct than any version of the mainstream narrative floated by the bad actors and accepted by the respectable house media. In the end, we may never know exactly what happened. It’s entirely likely that reams of damning documents have been permanently hidden and/or destroyed.

In a way, the CIA and the FBI are right: this whole episode, like so many others, is a continuing threat to the security of the nation, meaning to the free American People. Those people are slowly vanishing, but it still makes sense to and for the evil-doers to delay the truth as long as possible. The last thing they ever want is for the People to understand who the real enemy has been all the while. As noted, 61% are highly suspicious as-is. If their suspicions were confirmed, would they do anything about it? The news of late suggests not. Regardless, at some point, the truth will out.