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The MSM laments a very minor reprieve in the mass invasion of the USSA.

While the decline coincides with the spread of COVID-19, a country with an aging population like that found in the United States needs strong levels of immigration to support economic growth. More immediately, immigrants could help fill the millions of job openings in the U.S.

Spot the lie? Okay, it was all lies. The decline was almost unnoticeable. COVID-19 is a hoax. We DO NOT need any migration; in fact, we desperately need to get rid of what we already have. Migrants are a HUGE net drain on the economy of any nation they infest. The jobs issue is a byproduct of 100 years of steady fake debt inflation and 50 years of constant invasion. And, arguably, the US isn’t even a country anymore.

This will be discussed in rushed detail on a near-future PPN episode.