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Early in the days of the “pandemic,” circa March 2020, I had a conversation with a doctor neighbor. At the time, he was all-in on the narrative while I dismissed it as a HOAX. He asked me how it was that everyone in the world was falling for it if it was a hoax. My answer was something about the world average IQ being around 84 and dullards falling for anything. And, they did.

Zero detectable effect on the number of people who died in the world
Number of deaths in the world, per year – in millions (rounded to three significant figures)

2016 – 56.3 million

2017 – 56.9 – increase of 600,000

2018 – 57.6 – increase of 700,000

2019 – 58.4 – increase of 800,000

2020 – 59.2 – increase of 800,000

The worst pandemic in history registered no change whatsoever to the worldwide health and death trends. The hype and purpose behind the narrative was and is a hoax.

Maybe try not to fall for the next obvious lie, especially when someone with a history of calling these things correctly calls it.