Isn’t it a little odd that the first USSA Omicron case in CA, and the second, and now the third are all among the vAcCinAtEd????

The case involves an adult woman from Arapahoe County who had recently traveled to South Africa. The woman is reportedly experiencing minor symptoms and is isolated by recuperating at her home. The woman was vaccinated, according to CDPHE, however she had not received a booster.

It’s the exact same, Omicron or not, boosted or not, in Africa, Israel, the UK, Europe, and everywhere else. Even the super-vaxxed BLMFL is having problems.

It’s been reported that all nine players and coaches who will miss the game are vaccinated.

Because of NFL rules, that will allow them to miss less time than if they were not.

One wonders if, by the “rules,” they’ll have to kneel to get back in the stadium.

One also wonders – unless one already knows… – if the “safe and effective” jabs aren’t really causing the perpetuation of this ridiculous hoax.