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Vox goes over a great RT column on where the world currently stands, geopolitically speaking.

And the fundamental weakness of the Prometheans is that, unlike the other three powers, they do not represent a true civilization. They are not, technically, even civilized, as they have never progressed beyond tribalism. This is why they so reliably fail once they achieve enough power in a society to become responsible for it, as they do not know how to maintain a civilization, let alone build one. It is always much easier to destroy than to create.

Part of what was destroyed was the American Nation and the de-Americanized US. How does that fit with your Constitution and the Enlightenment bunk? Does it mesh with the prevailing, stupid left-right falsehood? Are Democrats the real racists and so forth? Your country isn’t a nation, nor an empire, nor a republic. It’s not even a country anymore. It’s just a weapon used by a losing band of globo-satanists who oppose any civilization anywhere.

This is why it is imperative to drop the civic-nationalist delusions and start planning and praying for the survival of Western Civilization in North America. This Remnant(s) should form a natural alliance with Russia, and to a lesser extent, China.

I’m sure FAUX Nooze and the GOP will be on this as soon as the football ends today.