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Dr. Roberts defines well the attacks on all things White America.

As I told you, Thanksgiving has been turned into a disreputable White Supremacy event. A few dumbshits doubted me, so here is MSNBC letting you know how right I was. https://cdn.mrctv.org/videos/60760/60760-480p.mp4

This demonization of Americans on “mainstream TV” on Thanksgiving day is clear proof that Americans have lost their country.

Note that MSNBC, like the rest of the US print and TV media and NPR is an anti-white institution. The only white people permitted to work in US media are self-hating whites. All the “news” is against white people and those who attempt to stand up for them. Tucker Carlson is the exception that proves the rule, and not even Tucker dares say all that needs to be said.

Watch that little woke lecture from the enemy media. That is what comes to a nation that gives itself away. Lately, in the past week or three, a little resistance has arisen. It’s great to see, though it’s about fifty-five years late and, sadly, probably thirty years TOO late.

Still, happy Thanksgiving, Americans!