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Walt and Roy are dead and I don’t feel so good myself…

The utterly-wicked Disney cabal, when not encouraging children to gamble, is going to require they be poisoned before boarding one of those “fun ships.”

Disney Cruise Line will require children ages five and up to be vaccinated before sailing after Jan. 13.

The mandate is an expansion of one that already exists for the cruise line, where it requires all vaccine-eligible guests to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

I mean, 80% of the Diamond Princess passengers were asymptomatic and children are only killed by the “vaccine” at a rate 174 times higher than the alleged virus, so this makes perfect sense.

Cruises, of any kind, never made any sense to me. Why people continue to prop up the devil mouse that hates them is another mystery. When the first children start dying of heart attacks while on the cruises, what excuses will the luciferians make up as cover? Funned to death?

In due time, all of these evil organizations will need to be added to the war crimes dockets.