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While they should be concerned with their God, their families, and their nation, too many fading ‘Muricans still appear only concerned with money. So, there’s this economic rebuttal to mass migration. Denmark, like other European nations and the USSA, discovers – definitively – that immigration is a huge fiscal drain.

The net cost of non-western immigration to Denmark, after tax contributions have been deducted, has been revealed to be nearly $5 billion a year.

The lie that “immigration is good for the economy”, and its big brother “immigration is necessary for the economy” was always a complete deception. The truth is that some immigration is beneficial to a society, but most of it is detrimental, even when it is beneficial to the economy. This is because it usually represents a permanent transfer of wealth from the native population to the parasitical newcomers.

All those Boomers who hate communism and wax eloquent and teary-eyed over immigrants should reflect upon the fact that immigration is, quite literally, demographic communism.

And quality matters far more than quantity. Mexicans create Mexico wherever they go in sufficient numbers, just as Scandinavians bring along their competence and naive cucketry wherever they settle. This is no secret to anyone, but it is a truth that has been ruthlessly obscured by relentless lies.

The good news is that, unlike the former America, the Danes still has time to kick out the invaders and save their nation and money. Do they have the will?