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How did this one get out of the AP?! Are they getting sloppy, desperate, or maybe just secure enough to brag?

Rabins, whose upbringing was not very religious, discovered “texts and traditions and the religious rules and laws and ways of living” as an adult and immersed herself in yeshiva.

The more she studies and practices Judaism, she said, the more she also feels the pull of witchcraft or Jewish folk magic — practices she’s caught glimpses of in the edges of Scripture, as well as from Jewish cultures.

Read the whole strange but very true thing. In an article aimed at ‘Muricans, they mention both the Talmud and the Kabbalah. I’m not sure I get it. This would be akin to Benny Shapiru if he dared quote Gitten in his discourses on Jesus. And, it all seems a little similar to the way, in another story, a group of practicing satanists (who, you see, aren’t really followers of satan – so clever, you see) cowed the satanists on a government school board into accepting satanic imagery into their satanic schools. Very, very similar.

In a somewhat unrelated matter (maybe?), I’m not entirely sure about Neil Kumar in Arkansas. Real deal? Or another misdirection?

Odd times, eh?