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Don’t bother asking how a 19-year-old ever helped translate for imperial forces when he was a toddler. These things aren’t supposed to make any sense. And they do not.

By September 16, Axios produced a state-by-state breakdown of where the first roughly 37,000 unvetted Afghans were going within the interior of the country. The state of Montana received 75 Afghans in the first wave of resettlement. One of the unvetted Afghan parolees who ended up in Montana is 19-year-old Zabihullah Mohmand. Last week, Mohmand was charged with violently raping an 18-year-old girl in a hotel room.

Instead of feeling some moral culpability in putting Mohmand in a position to commit this crime, multiple DHS sources tell me that the Biden political leadership team has decided that they will not revoke Mohmand’s EAD at this time.

Invasion of the rapefugees!? Not to worry, Montanans! Your tough cuck governor is on the case, fighting this problem with strong words!