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If you’re on UATV, then you might know. (If you’re not … oh, well). Around 23:10 on the “China Warns the West” Darkstream it kicks in. I’ve been listening to the demo all week. Now, for the unwashed, here’s:


He said Boomer now it’s time to go

Boomer now it’s time to go

Boomer now it’s time to go

Time’s up now I told you so

Now everybody down with a cushion

And they’re starting the pushing

And it’s a final solution

And everybody cool

The Reaper’s gonna find you Boomer

He doesn’t have a sense of humor

With my little auditory thing, it took a few listens for this one to click. Then, like the rest, it became my favorite. These songs keep getting better and better! It’s the slow release of the biggest rock record of the decade – with an important message!