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The US Republican Party is an anti-Western satanic terrorist organization. It always has been.

One of the founders of the Republican party, Salmon P. Chase, served as Lincoln’s Treasury Secretary, and was known for his “Greenbacks” monetary policy that helped win the war.

What no one ever mentions is that as a judge, he had previously granted pardons to a ring of counterfeiters and then hired that ring of counterfeiters to run his Greenbacks operations.

There’s a lot more in such a short article. Read the whole thing.

Almost a decade ago, I posited that the government commits the vast majority of counterfeiting (one of three crimes it is supposed to fight). It has been this way since the beginning. I also saw connections being drawn between 1861-65 or 1913+, exactly as Tom Moore imagined them in A Fatal Mercy.

All Americans, Southern Americans especially, should absolutely hate the Republicants. But, please go ahead and vote for them in 2022 and 2024. Vote real hard. Voooat. Temper those chains, slaves.