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Part of me is surprised that the dying empire reports things like this. Then again, at this point, I truly don’t think they care. Praise to Brahma, amen and awoman, that we accepted (as if we had a choice) all of the 95,000 Afghans “interpreters” who “helped” us in our longest military failure ever. All of them are fully vetted. And, without their continued help, who would rape and attack female army soldiers?

An investigation is underway into an alleged attack of a female U.S. military service member by several male Afghan evacuees being housed at Fort Bliss.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has confirmed to Fox News it is investigating a referral from a Fort Bliss Afghan refugee housing complex in New Mexico alleging that a woman, whose name and age are unknown at this time, was assaulted on Sept. 19 by a “small group of male evacuees.”

Did she not know about gurl power? Didn’t she think to tell these savages that their masculinity is toxic? C’mon man…

These primitives don’t play around. They’re not waiting for their release into the general population, being most content to commit violent felonies against women and children while still in military custody. With steely determination like that it’s no wonder they easily defeated the tired, feminized, gay empire. I’d almost say “cheer for the underdog,” but in this case, that’s us.

As soon as the satanists in DC pass that exciting new law, all Amerikan women will be eligible for such treatment! Your little girl will be drafted as a play toy for Afghan terrorists, Haitian trolls, or whatever other orcs “your” gubmint imports.

My former nation is now a wicked, retarded place literally ripe for raping. This is the deserved Wrath of God visiting upon us just as promised.

Now, run get that booster before big show come on de screen on wall…