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If you’re just not quite ready to call it, then read this:

The United States House of Representatives on Friday approved a proposed law that would guarantee women’s right to an abortion throughout the United States.

The bill, which would override new laws in Texas and other Republican-led states restricting abortions, passed the House by a vote of 218-211 but faces opposition from Republicans in the US Senate.

The USSA is a dead empire currently under the deserved Wrath of Almighty God. It has no government but a satanic cult. It has no citizens but, rather, a host of retarded heathens who put their faith (if any) in the hands of cuckservative republiCONS about a war that has already defeated them and claimed 63 million+ American babies in the past 48 wicked years.

If you still don’t get it, then you’re the problem.

Now, back to oblivion; enjoy another exciting week of NAACAAP football! Just tell your sons to ignore that “gay” man in the stadium men’s room.