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As you know, the USSA couldn’t have won its smashing, twenty-year defeat in Afghanistan without the “help” of 95,000 Afghan “translators.” We are seriously supposed to believe this just as we were to believe whatever the shifting reasons for being in the Graveyard were in the first place and over time. Big Satan cried that we had to rescue these “allies” and import them into the remains of Amerika or else the Taliban would terrorize them and execute them. Again – TeeVee say, and you bElIeVe… Intelligent voices (ahem) warned that what we were going to get were the Afghan feminists, queers, CHILD MOLESTERS, dope dealers, usurers, terrorists, and criminals.

Meet two of the helpful, translating, allied Afghan pedos who had to come in and who are obviously more Amerikan than you:

Two Afghan men, brought to the United States as part of President Joe Biden’s massive resettlement operation out of Afghanistan, have been charged with child sex crimes and domestic abuse while temporarily living at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin.

On Wednesday, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced federal charges against Afghans Bahrullah Noori, 20-years-old, and Mohammad Haroon Imaad, 32-years-old.

Oops! Something slipped. Only gonna happen another 94,998 times at a minimum. Nothing to see. Nothing to learn. And, as you might be worried, just know that even as Creepy Joe goes full JB Stoner on the Haitian trolls, proving once again that DEMOCRATS ARE THE REAL RACISTS!!!, your trusted cuckservative idiot republiCON governors swear by the kind of vetting that allowed these two monsters into Wisconsin. “Vetting,” of course, meaning just rushing them all in as fast as humanly possible. Make room!

Yes. I can see why the Taliban would have terrorized and executed these types and why they were desperate, in the easy alternative, to simply ship them off to the moronic US. What a deal for us! They even did it at a military base! Fort McCoy – REAL McCoy. Where, of course, they lived on your dime. Now, it’s jail on your dime. They’ll take plea deals and live in prison, on your dime, for a few years. When the collapse comes, they’ll be released and head for your house and kids.

I wish these two had fallen off a C-17.