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Midway through The Substitute, Dr. Ironsides remarks that the schools are failed “because they’re run by feminists, queers, and communists.” He is, as usual, correct. However, by the end, he also concludes that as bad as the institutions of the devil are, that they are what the locals deserve. In other words, a wicked, stupid generation will tolerate the abuse of their children in wicked, stupid schools, thus creating a future generation of wicked, stupid people. Repeat and decline as needed.

It is literally the truth in the real world; thus speak the degenerate moron parents of a collapsed South Carolina public “school” system:

The Aiken County Public School District received survey responses from over 11,000 parents regarding the mandate of masks in schools and the COVID-19 vaccine.

A total of 65.8% of parents agreed to support a mask mandate with 11,429 responses. A total of 62.5% of parents disagree with mandating students to take the vaccine with 11,400 responses.

“I would’ve predicted about a 50-50 split on both questions, so we got a little bit better on the masks than I thought we might, and fewer people wanted a vaccine mandate than I would have thought,” Aiken County School Board Chairman Dr. John Bradley said Wednesday.

Bradley said he personally feels that once all the vaccines get proper FDA approval and everything starts to settle down, the vaccine should be mandated along with the other shots children have to take before going to school.

Hopefully, one day, the chairman’s words will be read back to him before his sentence is carried out. For now, this is why homeschooling is the only option. Forget the feminists, queers, and communists. Does anyone really want his child surrounded by the genetic offspring of people so evil and stupid as to support actively torturing their own children in the false name of fighting a common cold to which the children are statistically immune?

Nationwide, north of 80% of all government schools are, by their own contrived numbers and admissions, failed. There is no fixing this. The only thing a sane man can do is walk away and leave the idiots to the disaster they have created and tolerated and deserve.