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The legion of Haitian trolls, stalled under a bridge in their bid to further enrich Amerika, provide a convenient noticing point for many who were previously asleep.

“You turn the corner, and then you start to see up here, right, this sea of people just going in two directions,” said Jon Anfinsen, the National Border Patrol Council’s president of the Del Rio region. “You walk through here, and it really feels like another country.”

As Boston once put it, it’s more than a feeling. These are the poster children of the new third-world Disunited States. Congratulations to everyone who helped lead us to this exciting point in history. A powerful, prosperous, and coherent nation was completely destroyed in only around fifty years. The good news is that these examples will be fresh in the minds of the men who found the new nations. Hopefully, one or more of them will be a refuge for Americans.