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25,000 Disney cast members sue big mouse.

Sarracino has worked at the Disneyland Hotel for 15 years as a valet, parking cars and assisting guests with their luggage. For all of those 15 years, he’s earned minimum wage from Disney and supplemented his income with tips. But a recent decision from leadership that prevents valets from handling luggage has cut substantially into his earnings.

He’s now one of the 25,000 cast members, as Disneyland calls its employees, who are participating in the class action lawsuit against Disneyland that alleges the company is legally obligated to pay a living wage.

I ran some quick numbers and a large portion of these people really do earn (federal) minimum wage. Worse, the average salary is only about $24,000 per year. That’s one-tenth what the adjusted national average salary should be if it had kept pace with prices since Disneyland opened in 1955. One. Tenth. And, these folks don’t live in a national average, they live in Los Angeles which is considerably more expensive than the norm.

Disney isn’t completely guilty. It didn’t financialize the entire economy and give the world to usury. A salary doubling probably isn’t even possible let alone an honest adjustment. But, these good folks perform valuable services – for next to nothing. Meanwhile, devil mouse has no problems paying the satanic banks for absolutely nothing.

Walt’s magic has succumbed to dark sorcery.