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If you could kindly divert your attention from the shit-stupid propaganda on the TeeeeeeVee for a moment…

We lost another 482,000 White Americans in 2020. That’s roughly 1324 per day or 55 every hour. We lost almost one White person per minute. This year, if the prevailing trend holds, we stand to lose perhaps another 800,000 (we’ll know next year). That’s like eight-ten times the US death toll in the neocon’s misadventure in Kabul today – every hour of 2021. One less American every 45 seconds.

Has CNN or FAUX mentioned this? No. They and their fellow travelers on the socials will deny it even as they celebrate it. If you cannot see that these people are evil and are your enemies, then you are stupid and beyond help.

Okay … back to “Biden” or the uncommon cold or whatever.