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It is a foregone conclusion that whatever comes out of DC on this matter, will be another poorly-packaged lie.

The US government is gearing up efforts to manipulate American media outlets to cooperate with its intelligence’s investigation on COVID-19 origins targeting China and create a favorable atmosphere for public opinion to discredit and blame China on the issue. Its tactics include “feeding the US media fake information to fabricate the “China lab-leak theory,” encouraging some media to stir up the “Chinese wildlife market theory” for virus origins, and manipulating its media to strengthen positive reports about Fort Detrick, a source close to the matter told the Global Times on Friday.

It comes as the Joe Biden-set deadline for the 90-day investigation into the virus’ origins draws to a close. In order to formulate the report, the US is stepping up its efforts to coerce China’s neighbors to participate in its campaign to smear China as the “source of the coronavirus,” using vaccine aid, talent training and industrial investment as bait, and is pressuring the World Health Organization (WHO) and marshaling its allies, including the EU, Australia, Japan and other countries, to launch a “second-phase origins tracing” probe on China despite that even its own research institutions and allies believe that the virus was almost certainly not created via artificial means, sources told the Global Times previously.

As sure as the sun rises, the people will believe (and then forget) whatever it is they are told. FAUX News will ridicule the report (because dEmoCrAts), blame China regardless, and then babble about 2024, Amerikan values, and the importance of getting the jab.

I wonder if Langley already has the official report on Marvin the Martian drafted. If not, I could possibly sell some sci-fi for the right price.