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When, oh when, will we ever get common sense pickup truck control? Only the military Taliban needs such high capacity utility and convenience.

Seriously, who in his right mind would go to DC to meet with, negotiate with, or threaten the very ill former VP “Biden?”

The suspect who shut down the US Capitol on Thursday has surrendered to police after unleashing an anti-Biden rant on Facebook live stream and posing with a device with his finger on the button.

Floyd Ray Roseberry, 49, said in the clip he posted online: “We got a few options here Joe. You shoot me, two and a half blocks are going with me. And then you’re talking about a revolution.”

He added: “I love this land….the south is coming for you…the Revolution is on.”

Sources tell me that “Floyd Ray Roseberry” – and that’s not even imaginative or anything – is also known as Mr. I.N. Formant. Hey, at least they didn’t send in a zombie driving an AI-voiced RV this time.

The revolution is dead. Long live the revolution!